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Thanks for all you do, firstly. What impact will china have on global development of the new financial world? They will become the world's super power and consequently control the gloabl money system. Personally, I think they will control tech by writing the rules of the digital space like USA wrote the rules on democracy. USA is literally broke, which opens the door for China to ask for payment as any country in power would. China like the USA will seek control of other countries financial systems. They will do it under the radar by bribing us with unmatched technology enriching individuals of the world in a more equitable way, beyond anyone's belief. The road to prosperity is being written via code that rules - not with an iron hand - but with a new and completely opposite way of ruling than in the past. We've figured out as societies, which are trying to make the world a smaller more connected space, that we can rule by the more we provide to everyone with a consumer mindset. We are addicted to consuming, and, I mean that with regard to all the benefits we can extract from consumerism. Governments have figured out how to make us hate war and the imperialism sought via war. We have been romanced into a new culture where we would rather build things that won't interrupt our consumption (travel, homes, cars, experiences, all forms of stories etc). Our consumption is also more profitable and easier to grow perpetually if its almost all digital. We think we are gaining control by having crypto but we have really begun to give control of our on/off switch of consumerism, which leads to giving away total control. Consumerism is the most pervasive and addicting drug controlling our every single decision, imo. I say that with fear of not being in control but with the realization it also might be the best way forward for all parties involved. Or is it? How creative can we get? Let's not be lazy by making small impact stories seem like they will transcend us with cultural importance. Our cultural importance deserves more respect than your man cave full of memorabilia?!

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