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Hi Noah, apologies in advance for the long one here..I discovered Joe quite early and rode it up to ~$3 before selling - I wanted to increase my crvcvx position and buy a large NFT collection that I plan on holding long-term and my conviction is quite strong on that choice. However, I didn't leave any of my Joe position remaining because I thought the continued growth had tapered off and the borrowing/lending platform wouldn't be as impactful due to the poor avalanche rush launch.However, now I'm starting to think there may be a bit more juice left in the avax ecosystem (particularly with Joe/xJoe) as Dani has indicated he plans on using xJoe as collateral on Spell, his decision to build wonderland on avax due to the chain's technology, etc. - so now I'm starting to think I should rebuild a position, whether it's farming with a stablecoin LP or otherwise. How do you typically discern whether a feeling like this a "gut feeling" VS FOMO? My thought is 60/40 gut to fomo, but I don't want to act impulsively here. Thanks!

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