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Hey Noah, I am trying to understand your idea for newbies explained a couple of days ago: On Arbitrum, deposit USDC into Curve factory pool MIM+2Crv. Then farm the received tokens on Abracadbra in the MIM-2Crv pool.Here are my questions:1. Curve - why is this a factory pool? what does factory pool mean?
(And the factory pool selection does not appear on my Curve app, when I click on Factory?) - The pool currently shows 35% vAPY, so if I deposit 10k USDC, I receive (10k*35%/365 days divided by 2.8 (current Crv price)) = 3.4 Crv daily, correct? - Then, periodically I claim the CRV tokens to receive them in my wallet to be able to farm then?2. Abracadabra - The MIM-2CRV pool currently shows around 60%, so I receive 10k*60%/365days divided 0.02 (current SpellMIM price) = 822 Spell/day, Abracadabra shows the same result on their webpage!3. Conclusion - when Crv and Spell token prices don’t change, I benefit from the yield. - when tokens decrease in value, I get more tokens every day, but the USD denominated balance is reduced when the price change is bigger than the yield. - when tokens increase in value, I get less tokens every day, but the number of tokens still increase every day and are valued more in USD
4. Final - But to stake Spell and earn fees on sSpell, I would need to move Spell back to Ethereum Mainnet? - What could be a reason that Abracadabra does not implement staking Spell on Arbitrum?Thank you very much!

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