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Hey Noah,My question involves Abracadabra money and the degenbox strategy for MIM/UST. I last asked about this on 12/8 but nothing has changed. Hoping you can point me to someone who can help me. Dani maybe? I had deposited UST to Abra as collateral. Wasn't fast enough to borrow MIM before it ran out. Had to wait 11 days for replenishment. My 3000 UST showed on the Abra app Borrow tab for UST under Collateral. So far so good. When MIM replenishment available, I had to approve UST spending again. Then having already spent $228 bridging and depositing my UST, I declined to spend an another $394 gas fee. I rejected that. My UST collateral was there 4 days later. But a week after that when I checked it was gone. You can see transactions on etherscan. I have been reluctant to connect to site, wondering if my wallet or site is compromised. But I have checked to see if my sSpell is still staked and it is. I have other coins in wallet and they have not disappeared. I have a zero balance under Borrow tab and nothing under Repay tab. Abra seems to have a read only Discord. I may start asking on Twitter. Is there someone you know who can track this down? Thanks for any help. I would really like to recover that 3000 UST.

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